Producer: Priyanka Das Editor: Mohit Bisht

5 Incredible Benefits Of Vitamin E For Your Skin

Creme Overnight

Vitamin E capsules, which are well known for their moisturising qualities, make excellent nighttime creams. It functions as a serum and gives your face ample moisture at night.

Anti-aging Gel

Vitamin E oil can be applied topically as an anti-aging treatment for those with wrinkles and fine lines on their skin. It boosts blood circulation and is packed with antioxidants.

Avoids Sunburn

Vitamin E oil is what will give you relief if you have sensitive skin that is prone to sunburn. Vitamin E oil can treat dry, flaky skin because of its moisturising properties.

Thickening of Hair

Vitamin E oil is a miracle oil for hair. Simply remove the oil from the capsule and combine it with the oil you normally use for your hair. After giving your hair a gentle massage, let it sit for two to three hours.

Nail Development

Poor nail health might cause them to start breaking and turning yellow. All you require to stop this is a vitamin E capsule. Simply gently massage the skin around your nails, cuticles, and nails with the oil.